About us

Wherever you want to go, we are here for you. With the most experienced team, with irreplaceable know-how.

Anywhere, anytime, on your way. That's why we're here

RYDE provides smart transportation since 2010, before anyone thought to call it that way.

The world of transportation is undergoing a revolution. Consumers' tastes are changing. The changes are dramatic and they go hand in hand with the desire for quality, personal and up-to-date technologies.

RYDE was born out of the need of the largest and most significant organizations in Israel. The company is the pioneer of change, and has been leading it for over a decade..

The vast majority of employees start and end the day with a ride to commute to work. Research shows that this trip affects the mood and effectiveness of employees at all hours of the day.

RYDE's responsibility is to make sure that employees arrive on time - in the shortest and most efficient way and in the most suitable way for everyone, so that entering work and also returning home will always be pleasant and with a smile.

Understanding the major changes in the manner of consumption of mobility and use of vehicle, Union Motors, the leading car importer in Israel, chose RYDE as the group's spearhead in the field of smart transportation