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All you need to know about our services

Who is the solution for?

If you are an organization that transports workers, or has set itself the goal of reducing the use of workers in the vehicle and parking in order to get to work – RYꓷE is the solution for you. With our solution, it is possible to optimize the existing transportation system in the organization and improve it in a way that will also suit employees who come with a vehicle to work.

Wait, are you actually a shuttle company? Do you have vehicles?

No, we’re not a shuttle company. Our platform helps the customer and the driver to operate the shuttle system more efficiently and give him management tools.

So who’s actually using the system?

The first customer is of course the transportation manager, the platform becomes the operational and managerial tool for him. But, the system has information that is also of interest to the CFO, Purchasing and Human Resources – how much does it cost on average to remove an employee? What is the cost compared to last month? Compared to last year? What is the relations between the various departments in the organization? Who are the most expensive employees to drive? and much more …

How long does it take to implement the system?

RYꓷE’s assimilation team is experienced in implementing dozens of systems in organizations from various industries. We accompany customers from the definition of needs to the airing. It usually takes about 20 days from the start to the full activation.

Does using the system save costs? How much?

With about 200 customers we stand on average savings of 25% in the direct operating cost of the shuttle operation relative to the starting point.

Does the array you build dynamically adapt to the demands and shifts in the organization?

Yes. Organizations today have changing needs. The number of employees who come to work changes every day and we adjust the routes and the size of the vehicle on each trip.

We are an organization with unique needs and a complex transportation policy. Will the system be tailored to our needs?

We have been building smart transportation systems for over a decade. RYꓷE serves organizations with complex needs that combine extremely complex organizational parameters, terms of employment and administration. From the special needs of the defense industries, through retail chains and High tech companies – The flexibility of the RYꓷE platform allows you to fully adapt to your needs. Give it a try, it’s hard to surprise us.

We drive employees to several sites and use multiple drivers. Does the system provide an answer to this?

Yes. RYꓷE serves organizations with one site and those with dozens of sites. We know how to define a travel policy for each site that suits it’s needs, and to include all the data in a comprehensive picture for the management. This is our job – to allow you, the managers, to manage and not just operate.

Well, I really need it. How to begin?

Contact us and we will arrange an appointment. We will only do business if we are confident that we can give you real value.

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