No matter how special your ride system is, we will know how to tailor our platform to your needs. All your transportation needs in one place

Dynamic Routes

Why work with fixed routes and not adapt the travel of employees to the changing needs of each day?

Our technology builds the optimal model according to your needs and corporate policies.

We are here to accompany you and help you define the transportation policies and services you supply to your employees.

The algorithm designs optimal routes from thousands of points on the map

We believe in full transparency, therefore we developed a management system for you and your organization that will allow you to follow and supervise what is happening in your transportation system and reduce cost by 25%.

Through the platform you can learn how many employees traveled, when, where and how.

Smart Shuttles

We offer a system for managing smart and dynamic shuttles with for the commuting needs of employees.

RYDE’s system enables industrial areas, business centers and employment zones to offer an array of smart shuttles on demand to enable employees to get to work comfortably and efficiently in a collaborative and efficient manner.

Why make an independent shuttle system if you can share it with your neighbors and enjoy cost savings?

As the number of passengers increases the cost of travel decreases, in accordance with RYDE’s high standards everything is transparent accessible and easy to use.


RYDE customers enjoy full support when it comes to traveling to and back from the airport, in an easy way that will ensure pleasant arrival at the airport without worries and without delays.

Does your organization require multiple flights abroad?

With the help of RYDE’s system, employees will be able to arrive at the airport on time when everything is done accurately, calmly and with the confidence that there will be no accidents.

Instead of dealing with invoices you can travel together and manage everything under our system without a headache and without stress

Shared Cars

Many organizations own a pool of vehicles for the use of employees during working hours, but often have difficulty managing the day-to-day operation in an efficient and convenient manner.


Using the RYDE solution, the entire system can be managed on the basis of an application for ordering and opening the vehicle using Keyless technology, in accordance with the company’s policy.

Via our advanced system it is possible to manage the entire process including approvals and monitoring the behavior of the vehicle and the employee over time.

The company can also offer its employees to rent the vehicle on evenings, holidays and weekends for the benefit of the employee in an easy and convenient way.

Our Tools

All the stakeholders in your organization will receive the tools tailored to their needs:

Whether it is the employee, the driver, the transportation manager or the senior management of the organization – the entire information will be accessible in the application and on the computer in an interactive and convenient way.